Serving under-resourced female students from Charleston, SC on the campus of Ashley Hall


Horizons at Ashley Hall at a glance

Horizons at Ashley Hall is part of a national program serving over 6,000 students at 60 sites in 19 states. By adding new programs each year, Horizons seeks to double the number of students served over the next few years. 

Horizons at Ashley Hall is a six-week summer learning experience that supports girls from under-resourced communities throughout their K-8 academic careers. We believe all children, regardless of income, deserve the chance to realize their potential in a high-quality, enriching environment.

Horizons programs help make that happen. Students discover the joy of learning, skills for success, and inspiration to achieve their dreams.

Students begin their Horizons journey as early as kindergarten and return year after year through eighth grade. It’s a long-term and deep engagement with students who come to us with a broad range of academic ability. Given this opportunity, Horizons students thrive.


Closing the opportunity gap through high quality academics in an engaging summer learning environment

Horizons at Ashley Hall is a transformational, community-centered, summer learning program proven to close the opportunity gap. Our purpose is to transform lives by enriching minds, strengthening academic skills, building confidence, and by broadening the notion of what is possible to achieve for our Horizons students.  We provide this opportunity by eliminating the critical barriers to success that many of our children face, thus putting them on a path to:

  • Read proficiently by the end of third grade,
  • Graduate from high school,
  • Receive higher education, and
  • Become globally competitive professionals.

Who We Serve

Serving girls from Charleston, South Carolina

Horizons at Ashley Hall serves girls from low-income communities who attend public schools in downtown Charleston. These Horizons students discover the joy of learning, acquire skills for success, and gain inspiration to achieve their dreams. 

We’re in this for the long term. When a girl enters the program in kindergarten, we make a nine-year commitment to prepare her to enter high school with the skills, knowledge and determination she’ll need to graduate. It’s a long-term and deep engagement with students who come to us with a broad range of academic ability.

In the project-based Horizons approach, kids “learn by doing.” They become inspired as they explore reading, math, science, music, theater, art, swimming, and other activities that cultivate creativity and leadership. And it works. Once a student is enrolled in Horizons, anything seems possible.

Our Program

Our focus on literacy and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programming inspires students to learn, achieve, and experience greater academic success.

But most of all, we instill a love of learning. Our program also includes swimming instruction, healthy lunches, field trips, recreation, arts, and an overall emphasis on family involvement.

We embrace this same educational philosophy and highly-customizable curriculum. We train teachers with the Horizons teaching philosophy and give them the freedom to create inspiring, energized classrooms. Every Horizons program is unique, yet they all share core elements.  

Horizons students all qualify for free and reduced lunch, and reflect the diversity of our community. When they first come to Horizons, most students are performing below grade level.

Our small class sizes (with a 5:1 student to faculty ratio) and our student-centered approach to project-based learning brings our teachers, students, and families back year after year.

At its core, Horizons offers students six weeks of summer learning, 5 days per week, each day filled with six hours of academics and enrichment.